Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Play Date at the Phoenix Zoo with our East Valley Friends

Two of our very dear friends live way back in the east Valley of Phoenix closer to where we used to live in Mesa. Both are teachers and with school out for summer, it was the perfect opportunity to take our kiddos to the Phoenix Zoo. Normally June is approaching unbearable, but this early summer has been mild, so we could roam the zoo in comfort all morning. Here is Vinny with his buddy Elliot, Erica and Jason's little guy. He'll be two this August!
The whole gang, taking a little snack break. There's little Jocelyn, about to turn one whole year old this August! She belongs to the Prathers, John and Debra.
Vinny wasn't quite as courageous through the splashpad as Elliot, but he did enjoy running through the little stream of water around the sprinklers. Notice his super cool Crocs? Daddy bought them special for Vinny, as he loves Crocs, and they are about the only shoes that fit Vinny's chubby feet. Anyway, they turn from white to blue in sunlight!
Petting the goats with Elliot
So, the playground didn't go so well. As he walked across to the "bwide" he had his eyes on, some sand got caught up in his Crocs, and Vinny didn't like it one bit as you will see. He literally didn't move from this spot, he just remained planted firmly until I came to the rescue...but not before I snapped some priceless photos!
The horribly mismatched outfit by the way was not planned...I couldn't get him changed fast enough before he got wet in the we did things a little backwards and put him in a dry swimsuit afterwards!

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