Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And Here It Is...

This card was made by a dear friend, Jennifer. We job shared last year, and she is now home with her three little ones. So on my off weeks, we meet to catch up while the kiddos play. It's come to be treasured time. As we wind down 2010 and prepare for 2011, with all of its changes, I am beginning to reflect on many things. Friendships, in particular.

Oh shoot, I can't even type this without crying!

If friends are the family we choose, then we have made some good choices. Our family is strong. We have certainly been through a lot these past nearly 12 years in Arizona, and through it all there have been some pretty special people along side us. It's funny to think of the beautiful impact certain people have on your life, without you even realizing sometimes. Thankfully, we live in an super-connected world, so staying in touch won't be a hardship. But to think about losing that personal contact all over again is daunting. We did it when we left Connecticut, and we'll do it when we leave Arizona. It's those that are most special to us that we still make time for-and they make time for us, no matter what when we go back home. Before we know it, we'll have another "home" to go back to...and when we do, I will look forward to our playdates.

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