Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helping Boppo with Jobs

It's really pretty neat to watch this special relationship develop between Vinny and Boppo. Boppo has a lot of jobs to do throughout the day, and many have to be done in a particular order and always in a particular way. There is no varying from the sequence. And whenver he can enlist the help of Vinny, he does. And Vinny loves it. He really is a good little helper. So there he is up there watering the plants and looking for lizards in the courtyard in front of Mommo and Boppo's house.

Vinny's new favorite treat is whipped cream, right out of the can onto his finger. He's only recently taken to licking his fingers, so this has been pretty funny to watch. Boppo's working on allowing him to squirt it right into his mouth, but so far, no luck. Justin is the pro, so I bet one of these days, he'll teach his little cousin that little trick.
Time to front of a "Gickey" episode I am sure...

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