Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Card 2010 Sneak Preview

Here are just a few of the pictures we snapped this morning at the pond in Sun City Grand. Given the meltdown of the year that Vinny treated us to (for first time if you can believe that!), I'd say we got a few keepers in the bunch. Which one will it be? Stay tuned...I know I have my favorite...but I'm not telling...yet!

And the meltdown ensues...


Happy Thanksgiving!

Movember...Anthony's stache...I'll explain later...
Our thanksgiving holiday began early at Tom and Weez's with the 6th Annual Turkey Bowl. Tons of families gathered in their neighborhood park to participate in the touch football tradition. I saw none of it, as I was chasing Vinny all around the playground, up and down his favorite slides. The highlight of the game might have been afterwards when Vinny found his way into an open cooler and began passing Miller High Life's around to the guys.

Here are few shots of how Vinny spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for turkey.
So handsome!
Classic bunny ears courtesy of family friend, Lisa! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving feast at Tom and Weez's. We had much to be thankful for...good food, family, friends, football. What more can you ask for?
Notice Anthony's mustache? No, it's not a joke, it's real and he's been working on it all month long. A few friends at work and he are growing mustaches for men's cancer awareness through an initiative called Movember. His boss is donating some big bucks for all the guys who go the distance. Ant teased that he was going to keep it for Christmas pictures just to get me annoyed, but even he is ready to shave it off! But all for a good cause. Some people run marathons, some plunge into frozen rivers, and some grow facial hair.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bedtime Cuteness

One last story before bed...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who's #1?

Anthony often wonders if Vinny loves his Boppo more than us. They are best buds, and Vinny keeps Boppo on his toes. You'll never see Boppo get up and down off the couch more than when Vinny is over for a visit. They gather the toys together, they build towers with blocks together, and they share more peanut butter puffs and pretzels than one can imagine. Here they are eating lunch and looking up a special recipe together.
Boppo prides himself on teaching his grandchildren new tricks, and here is the latest, which Boppo insists Vinny learned in 5 minutes. It's the "Who's #1?" trick, and all it takes is Boppo's prompting, and Vinny throws his finger in the air with a giggle.
I love these pictures. But they do not capture the immense love that is felt when in the room with these two. They have a bond like no other, and it is special.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Move Over Pablo Picasso

Thanks to Gramma, Vinny has taken to coloring in his great big coloring book lately. And it isn't surprising to see once again, he is favoring his left hand. There he is below coloring with our neighbor Andre David, aka Uncle AD.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I was so excited to borrow this adorable costume from a friend at work. I was so looking forward to Vinny saying "ROAR!", one of his favorite things to say, dressed as a lion. But alas, he was none too thrilled to wear the costume, especially the itchy mane. So the evening did not get off to a good start. Still, the snuggles were pretty special.
Time to cruise the neighborhood in his super cool wagon...without the mane!
Once he figured out that trick or treating was all about getting candy, he was ready to walk the block.
One last try with the mane...not very successful.
Really Mommy, I am not kidding. This costume makes me sad.
We all continued to hang out in the driveway with a bunch of our neighbors for awhile after all the trick or treaters were long gone. It's become a neighborhood tradition. Chili, wine and cheese, and lots of laughs. We're really going to miss times like these.

Can't help but make me proud!

I may have mentioned it a time or two in the past how much Vincent loves to read books. Here he is reading a couple of his favorites, Goodnight Moon and Elmo's Favorite Places.
He's even figured out that reading is way better when you have a cozy spot to sit...and if Mommy's lap is not available, the rocking chair is great, too.
We've never really read Vinny bedtime stories before placing him in his crib. He always went right down after an episode of the Wonderpets. Naptime was a breeze, too. But recently, he's started to cry as soon as he hit the sheets. So we tried rocking him again with a book. Problem solved. We've found that reading On the Night You Were Born, It's Time to Sleep My Love, Hush Little Polar Bear send him to straight to dream land. Heck, they have such a sweet lullibye, they practically send us along with him!

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