Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Games and Favorites

Here we have what's become the parking lot, where Vinny ditches his cool rides and ascends the staircase. He is really quick and really steady on his knees, but still knows somehow to wait for us on the landing before going all the way up. Don't worry mom, we're always right behind him hovering :)

Another favorite activity, climbing into one of his toy bins. He loves knocking down towers, and is even beginning to stack the blocks on his own. But more than anything, he loves to throw the blocks out of the basket and climb in!

New cheesy face :)

Other updates and favorites from the past month:
  • still loves and devours pancakes, yogurt, blueberries, and broccoli.
  • favorite toys are his noisy lawnmower, stacking ABC blocks, his cookie jar puzzle blocks, and singing puppy dog. He plays with that in his crib when he wakes up and when we can take no more of the songs through the monitor, we go pick him up. That puppy would keep him occupied all morning if we could stand it!
  • still loves pulling out each and every book from the shelf under the TV.
  • figured out how to hold his own bottle and has just about mastered the sippy cup. We've been trying to ween him from the bottle, and we might be just about there!
  • we can see some molars peeking though his top gums!
  • loves watching Play With Me Sesame ( I love that he enjoys the same characters I loved as a child). Still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and absolute new favorite is The Wonder Pets. It's become our new favorite, too! This is the show that Vinny winds down to as we rock in the big chair every night. Yes, we still rock him most night to sleep-and we love it! Won't be giving that up as long as Vinny allows us, and we fear that night may be coming soon...some nights, he just can't get comfy and we know he just wants to lay down. So we kiss him good night with his eyes open, and he goes out as soon as we lay him in his crib.
  • had his first sleepover at Uncle Tom and Aunt Weez's house! Had powdered donuts for breakfast-yum!
  • says dada, quack quack quack, and dog/doggy. Has recently started roaring like a lion, or maybe more like Cookie Monster??
  • loves loves loves BOOKS! Favorites include anything with flaps like Dear Zoo, Peek A Moo, and Where is Mommy? But the funniest is the Blue Book. The last page has a picture of a jar of blueberries. After pretending just once to grab a few blueberries off the page and "eat" them, he does the same thing! We also love reading Goodnight, Baby. In this book, each baby animal is attached to a ribbon, and once you say goodnight, you slide the baby animal into bed with the mama animals. Vinny gives each animal a kiss before we turn the page. It's so adorable!

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