Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Swim at Uncle Tom's and Aunt Weez's

Vinny warmed up to the pool with a quick dip in the hot tub with Uncle Tom. He likes to walk laps around the seats and play with the waterfall. Uncle Tom and Aunt Weez have a pretty sweet back yard!
Swimmin' with Daddy and James!
Big Cousin, Little Cousin! Yep. That guy was our ring bearer 12 years ago. He is an awesome kid.
James, nearly 16, ditched the family party to go get into some trouble with his friends. So Justin, yet another really awesome kid, was left all alone among a bunch of boring adults. We felt kinda bad for him, so we put him to work.
What a good sport! The water wasn't exactly warm, and Vinny had no tolerance for putting on his wet suit. Besides, he'd rather skinny dip anyway. Justin was such a trooper, playing fetch with Vinny. I say fetch, because Vinny had his cousin chasing deep into the chilly water to retrieve the ball.
Silly Uncle Tom!

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