Monday, June 20, 2011

The BIG Move-California Here We Come!

With Anthony working and traveling so much in the weeks leading up to the big move, Bill and Joan (and Vinny) helped me pack up the hardest room...the kitchen. And here I though I thought I had a good start with clearing things out for the tag sale! I would be remiss if I didn;t say they were a Godsend, heping me wrap and box everything...if only they could've been there to help me un-wrap everything!
Justin and Weez worked their butts off helping us pack up the big U-Haul. I don't know what we would have done without them. The packing seemed to be never ending...just when I thought we had put a good dent in things, more boxes seemed to appear. Poor Justin thought we'd be done by early afternoon and he'd be able to keep his plans in tact. But when that didn't happen, he found other ways of entertaining himself while Weez and Anthony tried reconfiguring the arrangement in the truck...turns out we have a LOT of stuff. Anyway, we are super proud of this goofball...and here's just one of the many self portraits I found on my camera later that night...
Bye Bye Arizona...California, here we come! Here we are just before saying our tearful good-byes to Mommo and Boppo. By the way, Anthony did a great job driving the big rig and everything got to California in one piece.
Vinny did great, too. I had an arsenal of fruit "snackies" and noisy books to keep him occupied for our 6 hour drive. He took a pretty good nap midway through, and only got a bit cranky around Palm Springs just before we stopped for lunch.
Once we got to "our new house" as Vinny calls it every time we pull in the driveway, he enjoyed running around the beautiful yard. We are just about done with putting some final touches on everything, and so I will be sure to post those pictures as soon as I can! But so far, so good. Vinny is adjusting really well.

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