Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Once again, Lucky the Leprechaun paid us a visit, causing mischief all over the house.  Vinny enjoyed all the little trinkets Lucky left him, though.  Here he is goofing around after school one day, and I couldn't help but think how IRA he looked.

Birthday Time!
Vinny chose a TMNT theme for his 5th birthday party, and while we still had a big backyard bash, I scaled down my activities from last year.  We still had a jumper, but we ordered a turtle favorite, pizza, and left the kids to their own devices with the pool noodle bo staffs and nun-chucks.  All agreed it was a low maintenance good time!

Real Birthday giant cupcake!

Jr. K celebration!

The calm before the storm...
 Oh and there's Uncle Tom, who joined us this year along with Boppo, Aunt Weez, and Justin.  No pictures of the night, but just the night before, we were all sitting around the table, chit chatting, drinking wine, enjoying the beautiful night.  All of the sudden, we felt the ground roll and rumble…almost like we were rocking on a boat.  Our FIRST EARTHQUAKE!  A 5.4!  And Uncle Tom insists he felt it first.  :)  All was well, nothing out of place, no damage at all.  Vinny slept through the whole thing.  Welcome to California!

Back to the party...

These were fun!  Instead of goody bags, Vinny gave goody boxes, pizza boxes that is, to his friends.  Inside we included homemade Toxic Mutagen Ooze, a candy bar with a custom wrapper courtesy of Gramma, a couple coloring pages, and a spinner top.  Big hit!

Yellow Belt Testing
We studied, but never expected Vinny to get the secret question…mom's birthday!  After a few tries, and breaking the board with a swift chop, Vinny passed.  You can his instructor, Master Johnny, having some fun with him at the award belt ceremony.

 Caught in the act...

Before they left, we were able to take a VIP tour at Warner Bros.  Here we are on in Central Perk on the set of Friends.

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