Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey! Who's In Charge Around Here?

Me:  Come on Vinny, go put your clothes on, we gotta get going to the teacher store!
Vinny:  (Naked, getting another drink of water out of the bubbler) Not yet mommy, I'm busy right now.

It's been quite the morning...ever entertaining.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brotherly Love?

Vinny:  "Boomer says he really wants a show, but I say I have to eat."

All this after a lunchtime standoff. No TV show until he finished his lunch.  Vinny, having not figured out yet that Boomer is a dog and not a human sibling, knows no difference.  These past few months have been rather entertaining, hearing Vinny talk to and tattle on Boomer no differently than normal brothers.

Friday, August 10, 2012

While I'm thinking of it...

Haven't uploaded pictures in a while, but as I sit here perusing the many projects on Pinterest I want to take a stab at, Vinny's little comments have me thinking, my mother would remind me to write these things down immediately so I don't forget.  Here are just a couple of the "Vinny-isms" that have us cracking up lately...

"Mommy, don't "buh-get"(forget) to...."

He's figured out how to talk on the phone. The real phone, not the iPhone...no one uses that to talk on, do they?  He's long ago mastered how to manage his apps and videos, along with Facetime and Skype.  I guess that's the general way we communicate these days.  Anyway, while chatting with Daddy one afternoon, he says, "Mommy could you get me a 'nack so I can finish talkin' to Daddy?"

Everything is qualified by "Soopuh Doopuh" (super duper).  A super jump off anything and everything, a super down as he falls on his bum on the bed, super duper chicken tenders...really it's universal.

Oh I am sure there are more that I am buhgetting, so hopefully they'll come to me the next time I get back to blogger...

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