Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Our second outing of the week was to a children's museum in Pasadena called Kidspace. It's right across the street from the Rose Bowl. Smaller than Kid City in CT, and teeny tiny compared to the Phoenix Children's Museum, but fun all the same. However, Vinny fell asleep on the way there while reading is book. How cute is this?
But once we got inside, and Vinny warmed up to the place a bit, he ventured all the way up the leafy climbing structure. I was so proud of him for branching out (pardon the pun) on his own.
Vinny loved the water play area, but wasn't crazy about the splashpad sprinklers. He can be such a chicken!

On my to-do list among so many things is to find a nursery school program for Vinny. He does so well with other kids and he benefits from the structure of organized play. Vinny is talking up a blue streak these days, too. A couple of my favorite Vinny-isms:
  • joop (juice)
  • capple (apple)
  • o-see (ocean)
He loves to play with cars these days, especially his Lightning and Mater toys. We took him to see Cars 2 at our local movie theatre, which was Vinny's first "big movie." We were sure he'd sit through given that he's 2, and that he's not crazy about watching the first Cars movie at home anymore. But he sat through the whole thing and took in all the action. He loved seeing "big Lightning" and "big Mater" on the big screen...and snacking on the popcorn and mi-mi's (m & m's) didn't hurt the cause either.

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