Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally Got The Shot...Sorta

This is Vinny's buddy Evan. Isn't he a cutie pie? He is my friend Kelly's little guy and he's 3 months older than Vinny. They became really good pals in daycare. Vinny calls him "Evy." We went over to play one last time before we move and getting these two to stand still was nearly impossible. Since that visit, Vinny is now venturing up and down the stairs all by himself, just like Evan, and while that would have made me nervous a week ago, it's been so great during this packing frenzy! Take today for instance. While Joan and Bill helped me pack up the kitchen, Vinny kept himself entertained traveling between the family room and the playroom up in the loft. Until we heard a it wasn't was his little fire truck ride-along toy. We didn't know this until we saw him pushing the fire truck...downstairs. Little $h!t. He sent it flying down the stairs! So emergency room visit averted, and a prayer of thanks that we are moving to a single story home in California!

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