Monday, March 1, 2010

New Food Experiences

It seems that Vinny has been eating real food for a long time now, but it's only become really fun within the last month or so. Lucy is never out of arms reach, and Vinny just loves to share his veggies with her. While she'll lick up every last drop of mac and cheese, she leaves the mushy broccoli for me to clean up off the floor. Still, she is helpful, and boy do I miss her when we eat at a non-dog house. I don't know how those moms do it. Ugh, sweep after every meal? No way, not for me.

We all sat down to a spaghetti supper on Valentine's Day. Vinny loved it. It's definitely a plastic bib meal, that's for sure. It's really a special thing to sit down and eat as a family. Ant and I look forward to breaking in that dining room set over the next 20 plus years. For so long it's just sat there, filling space. To think we get to create all those experiences that we had in our parents' homes...weeknight suppers, Sunday dinners, homework (no finger poking to the forehead Boppo!), school's so cool that Vinny is going to have all those same memories, too.

Blueberries! He wants to use that fork himself, but it's just so tricky to keep round, bouncy food on it! Seriously, this kid will try anything we put in front of him. He does have some mood swings, and will love love love something for a few days, and then push it away. Some other things that seems to appeal to him lately are broccoli, bread, scrambled eggs, strawberries, melon, and chicken. Oh, and french fries-lest I forget to mention french fries. Like father like son. Clearly, eating makes this kid happy.

We've been enjoying our lemon tree this winter. Vincent was intrigued with the of course he had to bite it. We didn't cut it open, but he did seem to love the rind. Most of the lemons have fallen off, and the tree is now covered in new buds, which perfume our backyard with the most beautiful scent by the way, and we even have a bunch of baby lemons that have emerged.

Top Chef!

It's hardly a new idea, but I've found this to be the best way for me to get chores done in the kitchen and keep the little guy occupied all at the same up the cabinets and let Vinny play away. Who knows? Maybe we'll have the next food network star on our hands?

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