Monday, March 1, 2010

Playtime Adventures

We've been getting out and about more these days now that Vincent is more active. I didn't get too many shots while we were there, but this first picture shows Vincent's fascination with the monkeys at the Phoenix Zoo. He tends to study everything around him, but this was the first time he tried to interact with the monkeys by waving at them. It was so adorable.

Now that Vincent is getting down to one nap a day, if we're lucky, we've been going to Story Time at the Library in town. He loves the little finger plays, but is favorites are any poems and rhymes that require Mommy to lift him high in the air. So Vinny has some fun and I get a workout. The second half of the time is spent playing with the toys and musical instruments. It's always interesting to me to watch him interact with the little friends. The first time we played, Vincent bulldozed his way over the other little kids to get their toys. The next time we attended, he was much better at sharing. :)

After Story Time, we walk behind the Library to the pond and feed the ducks. Here, we stopped along the path to spend some time visiting with Elvis, the puffy headed duck.

Another one of our adventures was to a playgroup called Tot Town. A church in Peoria opens its gym every Monday for playtime. A teacher friend of mine introduced it to me when we bumped into each other at the Library. It's a nice time for the little guys to play and moms to chat. Although, since Vinny is not quite walking yet, I need to chase after him and help him make choices. There are tons of ride along toys, scooters, trikes, with lots of room to move. Vincent loves his favorite though, the walker. I just love how proud he is of himself!

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