Friday, March 26, 2010

What? You're ONE?

Happy 1st Birthday Vincent!

Vincent's First Birthday was a whirlwind of fun and festivities. Surprisingly, I was not nearly as weepy as I had expected myself to be. I continue to feel so incredibly grateful and blessed. Vinny has brought us such joy, like no other. He is such a happy little boy, so easy going and good natured. Really, he has made parenthood pretty darned easy for us, and this we do not take for granted. So here is how we spent Vincent's special day:

Taking a Stroll with Gramma..over and over again!

Opening the first of many presents, this one from Mommy and Daddy...

Babci, Dziadiu, and Uncle Tommy joining in on the fun on Skype!

Sand and Water Table Fun!

More Presents!!

Vinny received a very special gift that has been in the family for over 45 years! It was a real Tonka truck that had once belonged to all the Mandrola boys. It first belonged to Uncle John, Uncle Tom, and then Daddy. Cousins James and Justin used it for a while and now Vinny will get to push it around the yard, steamrolling mounds of dirt and rocks everywhere he goes.

Bryce helped his little buddy "Finny" open the gifts. Oh, How I loved this view-those little feet!

The Cake!
Mom and I began the cake on Wednesday. I made my special Italian Creme Cake once again, and mom took care of all the decorative frosting. She made all of our cakes as kids, so it was important to me that I do the same. I took care of all the little fondant character cut-outs. Together, I think we give Duff and Buddy the Cake Boss a good run for their money. Thanks Gramma!
By this point, it was getting late and Vinny was overwhelmed with all the attention. He didn't smash his cake the way we had anticipated, given his love for all things sweet and cakey, but still he gave it a good try. Here he is below with his little buddy Elliot. Poor guy. Good thing cousin James and Boppo were nearby to cheer up the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. You have made Mommy and Daddy so happy. We can't believe that one year could pass by so quickly. Each day that passes, you find new ways to make us smile. Thank you Vinny. As the song goes, "how wonderful life is while you're in the world."

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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