Saturday, February 20, 2010

11 months!

Vincent has been keeping me busier than ever. It's becoming quite the challenge to keep up with the baby books, the blog, facebook, and overall picture taking. Now that Vinny is so mobile, it's way more fun to play with him than take pictures of him.

Some of his more recent accomplishments include eating everything we put in front of him. He really doesn't turn down much, and I'm hoping his love of peas and broccoli rubs off on his daddy.

We continue to Skype with Gramma, Papa, and Auntie Missy, which is great fun. I couldn't resist this Kodak moment with Boppo. Vinny sat there for quite some time, chatting with Auntie Missy in Virginia. Sitting in laps is becoming a favorite activity, especially when book is involved. Some of Vinny's current favorites include Moo Baa La La La, You're my Lovey Dovey, Dear Zoo, and a lift and flap barn book.

If he can shake it, Vincent wants it. He loves his set of noisy blocks, as well as his trucks and cars that are so much fun to push across the living room floor. He's also showing a lot of interest in his cookie jar toy. With a little help he does a good job of pushing the shape "cookies" into the holes. He loves his jungle toy, and has figured out how to makes the balls roll down the spiral slide and through the elephant's trunk. In fact, he puts lots of small toys on the slide and in the elephant's trunk. I wonder how long before those toys make their way into the DVD player?
Vincent is also taking steps around the coffee table, which has us very excited. Perhaps he'll be walking in the next month or two. The way he zips around the kitchen in his walker, you'd think he'd be walking already! Better make sure that flip cam is charged!

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