Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eating Out, Looking Adorable

It's only taken us 11 years, but we finally made it to Los Dos Molinos in South Central Phoenix. Totally worth the drive, delicious food. Vinny enjoyed a home made tortilla and chicken taco. He wants nothing to do with baby food anymore-bring on the real food! No wonder he feels like a sack of potatoes. He is such a good eater, and it shows on the scale-he's up to 23 pounds!

Vincent was the main attraction with the lunch crowd at Lis Doon Verna, and Irish pub in Arrowhead. It's always a good feeling to receive compliments from strangers that catch a glimpse of the little ham, and boy oh boy does Vinny love the attention. He just cracks us up!

I love that Vincent plays to the camera. He grins ear to ear showing all 6 of his teeth as soon as we say cheese! Too cute.

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