Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

Making Scrambled Eggs with Daddy
It's really quite sweet...he says "help-ee" and off he goes to grab the chair from the dining room and he pushes it over to the counter. He climbs up and patiently waits for the tools and ingredients. Judging by the pose, he's saying cheese...
Playing with blocks at Mommo and Boppo's
Resting with his Best Buddy, BOPPO...and the Ba-Ba
Vinny's helped Boppo break in that spot on the couch even deeper. This is about how every night at Mommo an Boppo's has ended for the last two years. Same spot, same position, same pacifier...which by the way we tried to break. But we think Boppo likes it just as much as Vinny. I saw in Babies R Us one day that they were discontinuing his paci, so I bought the last one and figured that would be it. Well soon after he spent a weekend at Aunt Weez's and Uncle Tom's and he went with out it the whole time. Then, 3 or 4 days in a row at our house. Really thought we were on a roll. And then he found it, and actually called it by a name, "Ba-Ba." And we are right back at square one. But only at nap and bedtime, so little by little and it'll be gone. And that last replacement ba-ba? Forget about it. Won't take it. He only wants his old grubby one. The ring has completely broken off and it looks disgusting. But like Boppo says, it's not like he'll be taking it to kindergarten, so just stop worrying about it. We'll see...
Hangin' Out with Pals
Does this bring back memories of Forrest Gump, or what? Here he is with our neighbor's kiddos, Elijiah and Abygale. Vinny loves Abby in particular, and she's so sweet on him. Now the videos down below are dark, but oh, so funny. Vinny doesn't have much in the way of dance moves, but Abby got him going this one night, and if you look carefully you can see him really shakin' what his mama gave him!

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