Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finger Painting and Packing

Check out the tongue...Vinny's trademark face while doing anything that requires any amount of concentration! So stinkin' cute!
Can you guess what he is saying? Yep, "Cheeezth!"
It turns out Vinny takes his finger painting quite literally, only using his one (left, of course) pointer finger. It took some doing, but I finally got him to smear his whole hand around in the paint.
First Box Packed and Ready to Go!
Well, maybe not. I finally got motivated to start packing and as soon as I got going, this is what happened! He is adorable...and he knows it!
At the time of my post, and I am trying desperately to catch up, there are only a few days left till we pack up the truck and head west for California. Thankfully, we have a lot packed, and Vinny has actually gotten involved, helping me pack up shoes, books, and some clothes. He says, "help-ee, help-ee?" I think he gets that from my saying "Vinny do you want to help me?" he hasn't figured out the word "you" yet. Anyway, no toys have been packed yet, as his books didn't exactly go wonderfully. For every book I packed, he unpacked three! But it's been cute to have him hold the tape gun and marker as I label each box.

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