Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Field Trip

With the weather FINALLY cooling off, dipping into the 80's, we've gone back to the zoo. There have been some changes since we've last been earlier in the summer. The younger tigers we loved have been sent to another zoo in Oklahoma, and we are sad we can't play chase with them anymore. On the bright side, the baby Lion, Delilia, graduated from the nursery to the same pen the tigers once occupied. She is just so cute and equally fun to "play with."
Check this out-there is a jaguar exhibit right next to the baby lion pen. Not only do they get to hang out inside the pen, mostly relaxing on some tree limbs, the jaguars can prowl OVER passers by through a chain link bridge. On this particular evening, the big cats were feeling frisky and took part in a game of chase overhead, too. This one decided to take a rest right above us after a fun romp.
Here is Vinny on our way out of the Kangaroo walkabout. Random peacocks wander the grounds, and it's nice to see that Vinny doesn't have any fear. It still hasn't been determined whether this is a good or bad thing.

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