Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

We were still a bit under the weather, so we kept my birthday celebration pretty quiet, and that was really nice actually. We thought it would be good to get out of the heat for a day and drive up to Prescott. The craft fair was awful, such cheesy southwestern artwork, mesquite carvings, and other things that didn't interest us much. Nothing like the old country sampler at the Farmington Polo Grounds back home. Man I miss that craft fair-classic colonial homespun wares. You can take the girl out of New England, but you can't take the New England out of the girl!

Anyway, upon some pretty strong suggestion, Anthony "built" me a cake from scratch that was absolutely scrumptious. As you can see, Vincent was anxious to dig into the yummy frosting, too! He could barely wait to help me blow out the candles.
MMMMM, cake!
Ummm, not sure how appropriate this is, but I taught Vinny CHEERS! When I find he isn't drinking enough, a rousing "cheers" seems to get him to chug a lug. Hydration or early training for college drinking games? I'll let you decide. Either way, it's still adorable.
Oh! Check out my bracelet-if you look carefully, you can spot my two new charms from Anthony and Vinny-a "V" and an "I Love You." I love that every charm on that bracelet has special meaning, and I can recall each occasion on which I received them. Even if Anthony just happened to be so thoughtful to mark any given Tuesday with a sparkly bauble, I'd certainly remember it. hint hint.

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