Saturday, September 4, 2010

Temper Temper...

This is a face we've been treated to of late. I can't wait for him to start using words to tell me what he wants. He points and he cries, and most of the time pretzels seem to be the answer.
Vincent has also learned the fine art of throwing temper tantrums. Now I will admit, they are weak compared to the throw down, kick and scream on the floor horror stories I've been told about, but they are tantrums none the less. Vinny's modus operandi is to stand in one place, wail, and wait for a rescue.

So far, he's pulled this in front of the dryer in the laundry room. I don't remember what prompted it, but I do remember passing by a couple time to put clothes away and he still in the same spot until I came to get him. He's also held fast at the base of the stairs when I put up the gate and wouldn't let him climb, but my all time favorite would have to be during a recent trip to Mommo's and Boppo's. Once again, I can't recall what it was that he wanted, but he took a strong hold in the entry to the kitchen while we called for him to come to the den. He could see us, and we could see him. It would be a contest of wills, and with Boppo teasing that I couldn't last, I was bound and determined to win. HA! Well, the wailing carried on a good solid 3 minutes (geez seeing it in writing doesn't seem so bad, but man, it seemed like a lifetime). The best part of the whole ordeal was when Vinny, unconvinced that we were paying any attention to his distress, peered around the dining room table to make himself more obvious. We thought, he must be settling down, he must be on his way to us for a hug. But no. As soon as he saw that we had made eye contact, he ran back to his spot, turned to face us, and wailed louder. This continued 2 more times before I finally gave in. Not before I had a good laugh though. So I scooped him up, he laid he head on my shoulder, and all was well. Of course, a pretzel didn't hurt either.

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