Saturday, September 4, 2010

College Gameday

We've been awaiting this day with anticipation for a long time now. UCONN was going to the Big House. We had a high stakes bet with our good friends, the Kish and Prather Families, Debra and her sister being the biggest Michigan fans ever! We were supposed to watch the game at their house, hostile territory, but we all came down with nasty colds (although Ant is still insisting it's just allergies), so we were quarantined to our house for the game. Might have been a blessing considering the pitiful outcome of the game.

Pre-Game Snackin'
Big Guy, Little Guy
Hey, Uconn is Mommy's team, too!

Texting some smack talk

Big day...Konked out! Love our nighty-night routine. Looks like The Wonder Pets even got the best of Daddy! Snuggle.

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