Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Animals

We visit the zoo down the road quite often, and on our last trip we were able to see the most recent additions to the zoo. This baby giraffe, named Mickey, just 2 weeks old, was being introduced to the rest of the herd.

The baby animal nursery was very busy on this day. Along with the baby desert tortoises, Tortellini and Ravioli, we saw a baby kangaroo hiding in a baby sling, a baby ocelot, and two baby tigers, all born to parents in the zoo! The baby cats were kept warm in heated pack n' plays!

This was a special treat-the zoo keepers at play with the 4 month old (I think) baby lion, named Delila. Vinny was intrigued, and the zookeepers were so nice to make sure the lion played near the corner where Vinny was watching. It was so cute. Made me wish I were in the room playing, too! Honestly, it was just like watching a kitten at play, only much bigger!

Here are the baby tigers, born May 16, 2010, just 2 weeks old!

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