Thursday, May 20, 2010

Auntie Katie and Uncle Bri Bri Visit!

We had the best visit with Brian and Katie earlier this month. We are especially thrilled for them because they are expecting their first baby this November. They are going to be wonderful parents-they are both total naturals. Vincent immediately took to snuggling with UB, and couldn't take his eyes off his Auntie Katie. We were sure to have Vinny wearing his authentic Hawaiian outfit Katie and Brian sent from their honeymoon last December.

We took a little trip to the park to feed the ducks and play on the playground. Why look at the camera when you can look at Antie Katie?

Baby Belly!!

Playing peek a boo with UB:

We got to squeeze an extra night in with Brian and Katie because Bri Bri didn't have his wallet with him at the airport. What's so ironic is that Brian is the MOST responsible and level headed person we know. This kind of thing only happens to people like, well, us! So thanks to Katie's clever negotiations with the airline, another flight was booked early the next morning. Vinny hadn't been feeling well during the last couple days of their trip, we thought it was teething, but more than likely was a virus. While I was at a baby shower, Anthony, Brian, and Katie dealt with missing the flight and a major blowout while out to lunch after the airport debacle. Katie got some great pictures and video on her phone, and to hear them all retell the events of the day were priceless to me. Katie's stomach was still a little queezy being preggo and all, but honestly, whose stomach wouldn't turn at a blown out dipe? ha ha! Between holding him arms stretched out front,"eww, eww, eww," running out of wipes, frantically buying a new but unnecessary outfit, and Vinny laughing in the back of the car, it's all pretty funny now. Too bad I missed it (ummm, not really).

Here's the cake Katie and I made for my friend Jen's baby shower, by the way. Cute, right?

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