Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zoo Trips

Having season passes to the World Wildlife Zoo down the road from us has been wonderful. You can see the animals so up close and personal, like this leopard. The monkeys are our favorite though, and we have really enjoyed watching the newest addition to the monkey family, born this past January.

We ventured into the petting zoo on this trip, too. Vinny really enjoyed it. He laughed every time the goats tickled his hands and snuck a kiss upon him, just like Lucy. He showed no fear, and even reached down to pet the 5 day old baby goat and lay with the mama deer.

This is another favorite exhibit, the panthers. It's always a treat to walk right under them as they sleep the afternoon away. Check out those paws!

These macaws made quite a commotion while we watched the baby goslings and ducklings in the same pond. Vinny loves his rubber duckies in the bathtub, and makes quacking noises, but I don't think he quite realizes that these brown and grey floating birds are actually "duh-duhs."

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