Tuesday, April 27, 2010

13 Month Stats

This past Saturday, we attended Miss Shannon's 2nd birthday party at our Surprise Park. Her mommy is a teacher friend of mine at Sunset. Vinny decided he'd walk along side Daddy with just one hand! We're almost there-although I'm in no rush...I'm not ready let go of these baby days yet!

Monday was Vincent's 1 year check-up, although he's already 13 months! We were sad to learn that his pediatrician passed away, so it took a little longer to get him in. Dr. Spiegel was a special woman, and we loved her.
We were happy to learn that Vincent is developing just fine. His latest stats surprised us:

Weight: 22.9 pounds, 29th percentile-WHAT???
Length: 29.5 inches, 26th percentile-REALLY???
Head: 18.5 inches, 60th percentile-now that's more like it!

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