Monday, April 5, 2010

Splish Splash! And the "Sad Face"

Ummmmm, I think Daddy went a little overboard with the bubble bath. Bath time pictures never get old, probably because bath time never seems to get old for Vincent. He loves his bath, no matter tub or kitchen sink.

And here it is...the sad face.

We sat down to eat shortly after bath time, and while we were otherwise engaged in conversation, and dare I say not gawking at Vinny for this one given second, he caught his hand in between the spokes of the chair. Mommo rescued him from the trap, but not in time to stop the tears. We weren't able to catch the pout, but here you can see the devastation. It took a few minutes for him to recover, and of course the camera is never out of reach, so we could capture the aftermath. You never wish harm or sadness upon your baby, but I tell you, there is something special about your baby reaching out for you for comfort, and then collapsing over your shoulder with a hug. It only took about two seconds after this shot for the sweet release from the booster chair to Daddy's arms. sigh.

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