Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Day with the Rosadini's!

Uncle Brian's aunt and uncle, Mike and Mary Lou, were recently out here on business, and were gracious enough to make the long drive all the way out from Tempe for a visit. It happened to be Miss Emma's first birthday weekend, too, so if they couldn't celebrate with the little princess, at least they would celebrate with Vincent. He really enjoyed opening yet another present-what a lucky boy. The outfits were so cute-Elmo and Sesame Street, which Vinny just loves these days.

Showing Mary Lou his wheels!

Our Italian Lawn Boy:

Mike, catching some rays:

Uh oh! Could someone be melting down?

Wish we would have thought to take this picture before we stripped him out of his wet clothes, but it's still a sweet memory of the day:

Well, it may not be a very sappy post, but I hope mary Lou is pleased. Brian told us about an evening at his mom's: He walked in to find his aunt sobbing over the laptop. Seems I hadn't sent the memo about the blog to Mary Lou, so she was just now catching up. She had been reading every post from the beginning, and Brian happened to walk in right at the Murphy post. Ugh, so much has happened this past year, and that was a biggie. I am grateful though that I have this place to type in our memories so we'll have them forever, including this really beautiful day.

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