Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Happenings

First  Friend Sleepover (at our house)
Vinny's buddy, Justin (or the little Justin, as Vinny calls him, as not to be confused with his cousin, the big Justin), spent the night while his parents took in a show.  

Father's Day
Per Daddy's request, we headed out to play a round of mini-golf and back home for steaks on the grill.  Vinny did really well and may have caught the golfing bug.

This round's on me, Daddy!

Sunday Drive
Off we went one day with no real destination in mind.  That's the great thing about still being new around here…we still think like tourists!  So it doesn't bother us at all to google or yelp restaurants that land us, HERE, in the Pacific Palisades!  I had no idea what the terrain would be like, and turns out my flip flops were not all appropriate for rock climbing.  So Ant and Vinny had a good little adventure while I took in the scenery.

All tuckered out from a fun day…this never gets old.  His newest favorite guy is his bunny from Easter, that he randomly named Dave.
Construction Zone
We had some work done on our street along the water main, so Vinny was all about getting a front row seat on all the action.  He even brought out his construction goggles and jackhammer to help out of needed.

Last Day of Jr.K
Unlike the first day of school, Vinny was all smiles on June 12th!  He made so much progress this year.     I can't believe that as I type this, he'll be just days away from Kindergarten!  His class celebrated by going to the local movie theater in town and then returned to the school for a low key pizza and ice cream party.

One of Vincent's latest writing projects.  He took great inspiration from our last trip to Arizona for James' graduation.
Now What To Do?
School's out, but not yet for Mommy.  So luckily, I just dragged him along with me to the preschool.  And Richie was just as excited about it as Vinny.  Silly boys!

I have a few things I do for my graduating Pre-K'ers before they ahead off to Kindergarten.  One of them is a what I want to be picture.  Of course, I couldn't leave Vinny out.  I'm not sure why or how he came up with this, but we all agreed it was in fact an important career.  And just look at that face!!!

Swim Lessons!
Finally got Vinny in the pool for real lessons.  He still has a ways to go, but he's getting the hang of it.

Post swim ice cream cones at Mother Moo's with Joseph.
Summer Kick-Off Cookout!
What's a SoCal summer cookout with out a little Beach Boys dance party?

Date Night
While the bigger Braytons headed off to a Dodger game, the littlest one got to hang with us…so we headed off to our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner with these two cuties.

Latest Crafty Project
Thank you Pinterest!

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