Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer in Connecticut

Here we come Gramma and Papa!
Ready for takeoff with headphones, iPad, and the guys (Little Husky and Big Husky).

Fenway Faithful
Vinny's First Pilgrimage to Fenway Park with Daddy

Great Seats!

Now batting, Dustin Pedroia and on deck, Big Papi, David Ortiz
Every inning or so, Anthony took Vinny up to the kids' corner for little give aways and a special guest appearance by the famous Green Monster, Wally!

How cute…they all have the same shoes!
Sailing in Mystic
How better to spend a beautiful day than to go sailing?  Here we are looking for little jellyfish waiting to embark.

Classic Mystic

We always time our summer trip back home around the Trainer…and it's always fun to join the Claffeys after the tourney for some back yard fun and games.

That's water in those cups!  Promise!!
Fireman's Carnival
It's only been in recent years we've been home for the annual parade…a summer tradition all over New England.  I've always loved the fife and drum corps.

Back to Boston
Ever since last year when Mom and I took the boys to the Boston Aquarium, they've wanted to go on a Duck Tour…so back we went with the whole family.  It was so much fun quacking our way through the city with Flo as our "Conducktor."  Per usual, Vinny conked out just minutes before splashing down into the Charles.  But we woke him up in time to drive the Duck.

Mowing the lawn with Papa

Meanwhile back at the Ranch…
Anthony had to head back to LA earlier than us…for work.  Rough times having to attend the ESPYS, you know…and hob-knobbing with the likes of Dr. J.  Anthony tried and failed to take a proper selfie with him, so he asked that we trust him.

Cousin Fun
We stayed a bit longer to play, though.  Danny got a complete workout running around with these guys!

And Back We Go...

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