Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 2014

Lots of Happenings at Holy Angels the Month!

Starting with the Annual Pre-K/Jr.K Easter Egg Hunt with 5th Grade Buddies!  It was quite the event, held at the race track across the street.  Santa Anita is such a beautiful venue-these kids are pretty spoiled!  We began with a delicious breakfast buffet (best bacon EVER!) served up by us room moms…but other than that, the 5th graders were in complete charge of their little buddies, from helping them through the buffet line, to potty breaks, to clean up.  It was a treat for us moms, I tell ya!

Vinny with his big buddy, Jacob.  He's the sweetest!

Knights of Columbus
A Swing and a Prayer Golf Tourney
This was a proud day for Anthony and our friend, Gaston.  They worked so hard to plan and organize this event to benefit Holy Angles School and The Speech and Language Development Center, a school that helps students with special needs, autism in particular, succeed.

The highlight of the day, The Helicopter Ball Drop!
Hole in One!  The big winner, a mom from Vinny's class!

May Crowning
Just one more reason we are so proud to send Vinny to Catholic School.  The children gathered to celebrate the Blessed Mother and crown with beautiful flowers.  Catholic School skipped a generation with Anthony and me, so it was a nice walk down memory lane for our parents to hear about this.  Boppo remarked he hadn't seen a May Crowning since he was in school!

Vinny's not the only one growing up!
Congratulations to Anthony's Godson, James, and the Pinnacle High School Class of 2014!  Hard to believe that 15 years ago he was walking down the aisle bearing the ring on a pillow with one hand, shielding his face from the congregation with the other.  James is off to University of San Diego in September, with a plan to study pre-med.  Looking forward to having another doctor in the family!

Late night corn hole with Luke.
Ready to go swimming in Boppo's pool.
Thank you, thank you very much!

The peacocks from the Arboretum paid us a visit.  They spent the whole day in the neighborhood, traveling from front lawn to the next, even hopping up on rooftops. Vinny was afraid of them, and worried that they'd fly into our car if I left the windows open!

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