Saturday, August 27, 2011

Early Morning at the Zoo

The LA Zoo opens its gates early only 4 times a year, and we didn't want to miss out on the morning feedings today. Our first stop was the gorilla exhibit, and they did not disappoint. I've taken Vinny a couple times now and we have never been able to see the gorillas this active or up close.
Vinny enjoyed counting all the chimpanzees. He can count up to 12 without any prompting now. My favorite is two, with an overly exaggerated ooooo sound. "Senen" is pretty adorable, too. He can't seem to master the V sound, which makes his name hard. He refers to himself as "Ninny," which we are really working hard to correct.
We were excited to see the elusive bear this morning. He, or she, we haven't figured it out yet, is always hiding.
The bear wasn't pleased with the high temps today either.
The best way to cool down is with a treat!
Whew! By 11:30, we were cooked. The thermometer read 100 degrees! We haven't seen those temps since Arizona! Besides, the zoo was hosting a Star Wars event (those poor characters all dressed up in costume had to be miserable!) and the crowds were building. I couldn't believe the line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot on our way out. But what a great way to kick off the day and the weekend! Tomorrow=Day of Rest!

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