Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day to Day

Here's Vinny enjoying a cookie after being a good boy at a local restaurant. This just makes me laugh.
Getting pants back on this kid after nap is a challenge, so somedays, we just don't worry about it. He's starting to pose now for pictures, which is good for my shutter speed...but he still won't give up the "cheeeeeese." Who can argue when you are this cute?
It's been hot this week, so we've been playing in the little pool after nap. Vinny is still hesitant about jumping, splashing, and blowing bubbles, but he does enjoy playing with the hose and standing in the water. The same is true about the sprinkler I just bought for him. He likes to watch it and catch some water droplets, and only if it's not "too high Mommy," but he refuses to run through it. He needs his buddy, Evan or his cousin, Blaise to get him going!

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