Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mommo, Boppo, and Gabby Come for a Visit!

We had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ant's mom and dad last weekend. No sooner did Bill bring in the dog crate than Vinny was luring Gabby into it. When she wouldn't go for that idea, he decide he'd go in. Silly boy.
Tom and Weez arrived to a feast of steak and wine...Mommo and Boppo arrived to cold cut sandwiches. Good thing they are easy to please.

Bill really wanted to go to Malibu, as he had been there years ago on a business trip and he wanted Joan to see it. So our first stop was the campus of Pepperdine. Upon passing through the gate, the guard asked if anyone in our group was interested in attending Pepperdine, and after catching a glimpse of this view, we said, about 16 years!
Not a bad view, I'd say. Whew! Pepperdine University sits high atop the cliffs overlooking the Pacific. The buildings weren't much to look at, but I am pretty sure you don't go to Pepperdine to look at the buildings.
Then we continued along the Pacific Coast Highway (or as we super hip Californians refer to as the PCH, brah) hee hee...couldn't help myself...anyway, we stopped to put our feet in the sand at a crowded beach. Apparently some famous movies have been shot here...Can you name them?
So then we made our way back to a little shack for some fish and chips. Very yummy, very local, and very beautiful. While we didn't spot any celebrities or find the Two an a Half Men house for my dad :) we did see some amazing gates. Yes, gates. Gates that looked more expensive than most houses. Of course we couldn't see the houses themselves because they are hidden and face the ocean anyway, so all we can see are...the gates. Oh well. After all, they were nice gates. I'm sure some very beautiful and very famous people lived in thoses houses, we'll just never know...

Anyway, here we are at the fish and chips shack. YUM!
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Vinny helped make Anthony's favorite Italian Creme birthday cake and as soon as we got home from Malibu we had to frost it. It was hot that day, so we opted to not bother frosting the sides of the cake. Vinny made sure to taste test...quality control of course.
He is such a good helper, and hopefully one of these days he'll know his way around the kitchen pretty well. He even put the candles in the cake all by himself. I love how crooked they all are.
"Bye Gabby, Mommo, Boppo"
Boppo took one last walk with Vinny before heading back to Arizona. Vinny hasn't really understood the big goodbye up to this point, until that day. As I held him under the "tunnel" and we watched Bill and Joan drive away, he slowly lifted his arm and pointed his finger up (it's their little thing they do, the #1 sign), and quietly whispered "Boppo" as if confused about why he was driving away. He looked so sad. It's not easy living far away from family, and that's more apparent now than ever. Thankfully this fall will be busy with travel and we will get our fill of family in the next couple months. It's a good thing time flies!

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