Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out and About in Monrovia

Movie Day
The movie theatre here in Old Town shows older movies for a buck every Tuesday morning, so I took Vinny to see Marmaduke. He loved it, and it was pretty cute. The voice of the dog is Owen Wilson, which Vinny recognized as Lightning McQueen right away. So do you think he likes going to the movies, or what? He looks like a pro.
Later, we ran around the fountain across the street at the library and had some fun snapping some pictures.
These days he's laughing and running, no-stop. He's hit or miss with naps, but when he does crash, it's hard, and he sleeps for at least 3 hours!
A new favorite thing to do is drive the car, so getting in and out of the car has become an even longer process.
Street Fair
The main street in Old Town shuts down every Friday Night for the street fair. Local restaurants serve up burgers and bbq, venders pedal their crafts and jewelry, and a farmers market opens to the public with the freshest fruits and veggies we've tasted our days of stopping at roadside fruit stands back home. Vinny warmed up to the bouncehouse the second time through and he really loved petting the bunnies and chasing the chickens in the petting zoo.
21st Century Child
Yes, he's figured out the iPhone. He can access my iPod and play his Mickey Mouse shows (a Godsend while he rides in the cart during grocery shopping) all by himself. In fact, he insists with an emphatic "I do it." I have a few toddler apps for him, too, so he can tap on shapes and read along with interactive books. He calls it the Mickey phone, which cracks me up.
Mean Jean Junior
Shoe shopping is not a favorite activity for Vinny. It must run in the family. I, too, so I'm told, hated it. My grandfather dubbed me Mean Jean (my middle name) for kicking the poor sales guy. Anyway, Vinny was in desperate need for some new sneaks, and with lots of bribery, we found success. A bagful of Disney Store toys, new Lightning McQueen jammies, and a ride on the big carousel later, we had "cool shoes." With laces. Joy. With feet as wide as Vinny's, I think our days of velcro are over.

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