Monday, July 19, 2010


Last week I spent some time with a friend's daughter that just "messes around with her camera." She not only has amazing skills with children, she does beautiful things with the photos she takes. So I felt inspired myself to mess around with iphoto and play with some special effects. I think these were kind of fun, but I especially love this one.
Lest I forget to post Vincent's 15 month stats:
-weight: 23.14 pounds, 41%
-height: 32 inches, 77%
-head: 19 1/4 inches, 90% (shouldn't be a shock)
So clearly he is growing, even though his diet has consisted of hotdogs and goldfish crackers of late. He goes through broccoli, blueberry, yogurt, scrambled eggs, and fish stick phases, but with his molars cutting through, eating hasn't been a favorite activity in recent weeks. His gums are seriously swollen and I just feel so badly for him. But knock on wood, he continues to sleep right through the night.

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