Sunday, July 18, 2010

Field Trip!

Our sitter, Michelle, invited us along on her pre-school field trip to Cerreta's Chocolate Factory in Glendale, AZ. I would never pass up a chance to visit a chocolate factory, and I knew Michelle would appreciate and extra set of eyes to keep the little ones all in check. Well, I never expected Vinny to enjoy it as much as he did. He was bright eyed the whole time, pointing to all kinds of interesting things that he observed, especially the giant rice krispy treat bunny in the background. He'd not really eaten any candy up to this point, but ummm, he did that day! As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed his marshmallow lollipop. While he'd rather run around the candy store than participate in the final chocolate activity, he did enjoy a few m&m's that his little partner, Paige, shared with him while she decorated her pizza. It was most adorable.

Speaking of are a couple of pictures that Vinny's older "classmates" drew during their alphabet studies earlier this spring. When Michelle asked the children what things began with the letter V, they immediately thought of Vinny, and that is what they asked to draw. Michelle was kind enough to share them with me. How sweet are these portraits?

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