Sunday, July 18, 2010

So Proud!

Serious block stacking going on here. Check out the focus, the determination, the pride.
Recently, Vinny has learned all by himself how to stack his little shape blocks on top of each other. It happened one morning while I wasn't really even paying attention. All of the sudden I heard Vinny chuckling (think Vinny Barbarino of Welcome Back Kotter, mm hmm, that is seriously what he sounded like)! Anyway, he was walking away but looking at a stack of two blocks that he left right next to me on the couch. I thought surely it was a fluke. But no, he continued to work at it on the floor for the next half hour or so. And it continues to be the favorite activity of late.

Another new game he plays involves sliding Lucy's chew toy down one of his cardboard block tube thing. He drops the toy into the tube, lifts the tube, marvels that the chew toy reappears with a "daaaaa" (ta-da), and repeats over and over and over. All of these new games, while fun , are milestones I'm sure in his little brain development. I know I learned about them long ago in my child development studies, and I know there are real names for all these accomplishments in my old textbooks buried deep in my classroom shelves. But as a mom, the only term I find necessary for these milestones is "awesome."

Yeah, awesome. That works.

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