Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Anthony...and Murphy!

Last night we celebrated Anthony's birthday with some good friends. For so long, birthdays and anniversaries were sort of empty. Sure, we managed to have fun, but we always felt like something...or someone...was missing. We often felt like we were defeating the whole purpose of getting older, when we didn't have a little one to show for it. This year, it is all different. Ant and I both enjoy celebrating birthdays and embrace getting older (although I am not embracing the recent stiffness in my shoulder and knees-ugh!), and we look forward to all the wonderful things that life has in store for us, now that we have Vincent!

Hmmm, what is THAT???

Seriously??? Is that my little boy flipping the bird? Already? What have you been teaching him Dave?

Of course there are 36 candles on that cake! Why wouldn't there be?

Come on Ant! Before the fire department shows up!

MMMMMM! First cut into the Italian Creme Cake. No photoshopping necessary.

Let us not forget that it's Murphy's birthday, too. She turned 10 years old yesterday. She's not been feeling all that well lately, but didn't turn down steak leftovers and a tasty Frosty Paw! Happy Birthday old girl.

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