Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We spent 10 whirlwind days in our hometown Windsor Locks, CT introducing Vincent to all the most special people that prayed so hard for his arrival.  Vincent is a gift from God to us, and he didn't happen without prayers.  Lots of prayers.  We felt so proud handing him over to everyone, but no one more than my grandmother.  Since my adorable nephew Blaise was born last May, Gram has been promoted to great grandmother status, earning the Polish title Babci.  She relished every moment of rocking Vincent and it made us wish more than ever that we lived closer to them.  Papa did a good job holding the baby, too...when Gram let him!

We arrived Friday evening after a long day of flying (Vincent slept the whole flight!).  Mom and Dad greeted us inside the terminal which cracked us up since up to this point we had always been told to follow the "call me when you get your bags and wait on the curb" protocol.  Since Vince's arrival we get the red carpet treatment!  Perks I guess.  Anyway, we barely got through the door when the pizza arrived along with lots of visitors.  Bill, Joan, Vincent's Godmother Missy, Ben, and Sammy drove all the way up from Virginia.  We hadn't seen Ben and Sammy in years.  My brother and his family came over along with my grandparents, Uncle Tommy, Auntie Diane, Uncle Dino, and cousins Danny and Kevin.  We had quite the houseful!

Mom and Dad had a huge party on Father's Day and it was especially sweet to introduce Vincent to Anthony's side of the family.  Other than Aunt Flo, we hadn't seen the them since Dampa's funeral.  The day flew by, and it felt like we only had a quick minute to visit with everyone.  I suppose it would have felt that way even if we lived right there, that's just the way big family parties go!  Since Missy couldn't be in Arizona for Vincent's Christening, we faked a picture in the official Hannigan picture taking spot by the wishing well.  I'd say no one ever had to know, but now you do!

The rest of the week continued with more traveling and family visits.  The end of the week included the 17th Annual Trainer Golf Tournament.  The Claffey Clan is our extended family, and we spend almost an equal amount of time with them as our own.  Sean and Kristy's little girl, Emma Rose, is only 3 weeks younger than Vincent, and we are already thinking of an arranged marriage.  Don't they already look married?

It's nearly impossible to look back on our trip and not have regrets about living so far away.  It would be so much easier if we were all still in CT, but if there's one thing we've learned it's that our life is far from easy.  But that just makes us appreciate the time we do have together, and the family that we have right here.  Vincent is so lucky to have Bill and Joan here in AZ, and since our trip, I find myself driving up the road a little more often.  There is nothing more special than a relationship with a grandparent.  Anthony and I were both very close with our grandparents and want that more than anything for our baby.  

Our camera got quite a workout, and these have been just a few of my favorite moments. Good-bye Connecticut!  See you at Thanksgiving.  Vinny's Godfather is getting married and we couldn't possible miss that!!!

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