Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 Months...and Then Some!

Well, Vince is a few weeks past his three month birthday, and I am just now getting to the blog.  We had a very busy June, and there were so many pictures and memories to sort through.  It was all quite overwhelming, so when the tough get overwhelmed, the overwhelmed PLAY!  Since Vincent has been staying awake longer and playing harder these days, I find my time better spent on the floor giggling and wiggling with the baby instead.  It's so much fun, and I can't believe I have to start back at school in a few weeks!

So, some of the most exciting milestones that Vincent accomplished are tons of sleeping through the night (since the beginning of June), big time smiling, laughing, cooing, lifting his head while on his tummy, holding up his head pretty steady, grabbing and holding toys, and rolling over on to his left side.  Uncle Brian coined him Baby Zoolander because he prefers to turn his head to the right most of the time.  So why he rolls to the left is interesting...well, to me anyway.  Anyway, every morning we find him in the opposite direction we left him the night before.  And where as he used to wake up screaming for his bottle, he now talks to himself for a while and greets us with a smile and wiggle when we go in to pick him up.  So sweet.

Let's see, Vince is weighed about 15 pounds last week, and not sure about his length...but trust me when I say he's tall!  He is outgrowing his 3-6 month outfits already!  We'll take him to the doctor for his 4 month check up in a couple weeks and get his exact measurements.  

We've been spending most of our time indoors because it is so darned hot outside.  But we do try to go swimming in Mommo and Boppo's pool.  Vince is hard to read.  He doesn't necessarily show love or excitement for being in the water, nor does he appear to hate it.  He has yet to have a meltdown, and seems pretty relaxed in his floaty raft.  So I say he likes it!

Vincent continues to amaze us, as I suspect he always will.  I am enjoying being a mommy so much, and Anthony loves being a daddy more than anything else in the world.  It's the best ever.

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