Friday, July 31, 2009

4 Month Update

We just had a check-up at the pediatrician's office, and Vincent is growing and developing just fine!  He weighs 15 and a quarter pounds, and is 25 and a quarter inches long.  This puts him in the 60th percentile in both categories, so he's taking after his daddy and Godmother in the average category.  Of course, he's only average according to the charts.  To us, he is AMAZING! 

Some of Vincent's accomplishments this month include smiling and laughing, believe it or not, a lot!  You wouldn't know it by the pool pictures.  He's also rolling over onto his belly.  He doesn't like it once he gets there, though.  He's found himself face planted a couple times in the middle of the night and woken up none too happy.  I, of course, missed the first time he rolled over.  I went into the kitchen to take care of bottles and heard him begin to fuss in the living room.  When I went to check on him, there I found him on his tummy!  I was so excited, I cleared the decks, removed all obstacles, and broke out the video camera.  Murphy's Law, he didn't even wiggle.  He clearly wasn't as excited as I was to demonstrate the new skills.  Oh well, another time.  We later discovered that he is cheating a bit by puling himself all the way over by grabbing toys-but still!  He's getting there.  We love to watch him flop over to his side.  He cracks us up.

Who's that handsome boy?

Other accomplishments are reaching and grabbing toys, more focused attention, putting things in his mouth, and babbling a ton.  Taking after his mommy quite nicely!  We love to wake up to his babbles every morning.  He lies perfectly content talking to himself for upwards of 20 minutes before we scoop him up.  And he greets us with the biggest smile.  It's the best ever.  Vinny continues to be a happy baby.  He rarely fusses.  Chewing on his hands, fingers, thumb, binky, mousie, and blanket keep him soothed.  He's beginning to drool a ton.  We discovered that Vincent really loves to snuggle with his fuzzy blankets.  It seems that as soon as he has the soft fabric in his hands and next to his face, he goes lights out.  I haven't had the heart to take a picture yet and have the flash wake him, but it's a Kodak moment waiting to happen!  And yes, I take the blanket away in his SIDS here!  

Vince also enjoys his jumpy chair.  He is discovering that some of the gadgets move and make noise, and everyday is a new learning adventure.  He doesn't exactly jump, but it's nice to have another option for playtime.  While he's in it, he loves to look up and watch Baby Einstein videos, or baseball.  Or anything really.  Let's be real.  He's 4 months old.  He' doesn't know.  He just loves the colors and I am surprised at his level of concentration.  But then again, he is a serious little guy.  He observes and studies everything around him like no other.  Take for instance the pool.

Watching TV

With the incredible desert temperatures, we've been heading over to Mommo and Boppo's  a bunch to visit and swim.  Mommo and Boppo can get Vinny to smile in a heartbeat...until they try in the pool.  He's so serious, it's hard not to laugh.  Vince is still not sure what to make of that water, but like we always say, he doesn't hate it.  And he's just so darned adorable all decked out in his swim gear.  

So these four months have come and gone so fast.  I have enjoyed my time home with Vincent, but it's already time to go back to school!  I know Vince will handle the transition just fine...we'll see how well I do!

Murphy loves to check on Vincent!

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