Monday, February 16, 2009

Belly Pictures

This was taken right after Thanksgiving, I was about 20 weeks along.  It was right around here that I felt my belly had first popped out and I discovered the comfort of maternity clothes!  While mom and Dad were here for Thanksgiving (let's be honest, Dad was here for the Giants/Cardinals game!), Mom and I went to Motherhood for some comfy clothes-ahhhhh!
So that's what my belly looked like on the outside, but here's what was happening on the inside!  This is a picture from out big 18 week high resolution ultrasound where they measure the baby's head, arms, legs, and all the organs.  It was so cool to see the heart beating away, the stomach, spine, even the blood flowing through baby's arteries!  The technician surprised us with a couple 3-D pictures, too.  Although it's not the best time to take 3-D pictures because the baby hasn't yet filled out, it was so sweet to see the baby already seeming to smile an wave hello at us!  Of course, Ant's first question was, "is it supposed to look like that?"  We were assured everything was perfect!
Now this picture was taken at the end of January, when all of the sudden my belly began to grow by the day!  I am just about 7 months along here.
And here we are at 32 weeks!!!!  Oh my goodness!  8 months along!!!!   This whole time, Ant's been doing so well with his running and working out-his belly is shrinking, while my belly has been growing bigger and bigger!  It's so great!  Before I thought bending over and getting up were a challenge, but they are becoming downright comical at this point.  What will the remaining 8 weeks have in store for us?

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