Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Showers!

Joan and Louise threw a shower for me on March 1st at the golf course in Bill and Joan's community.  It was such a beautiful day-sunny, warm, and nothing like the snowstorm that hit New England that same day!  Two very special people made the trip all the way out from CT, Mrs. Cannon and Pam McKeown!  It was so nice to see them, although it doesn't take much to convince Pam to escape the cold weather for AZ this time of year!  She spent every minute she could soaking up the sunshine on the patio before having to return to cold and slushy CT.  I loved catching up with them both, (Bill enjoyed keeping score on who who talk more-it's always a close call between Mrs. Cannon and me!) and Mrs. Cannon was so sweet to document everything on her camera phone so she could share with my Gram!  I know it meant a lot to Joan to have her best friends here, too, and I know it's always sad when they leave.

It was so wonderful to celebrate with my family and good friends.  These ladies have been through a lot with me over the past few years, they've seen us go though some really hard times and have been so supportive.  I continue to feel overwhelmed by the power of all the prayers that have been sent our way.  We received so many gifts, from toys to clothes, to the diaper genie and a whole bunch of diapers and wipes!  We also received the rest of the bedding for the nursery which I will try to post next.  If only my mom were on Facebook, I wouldn't have to do double duty!

And then a week later, I traveled back to the east valley to visit with what I thought was going to be a couple friends I used to teach with in Gilbert.  Well, Keri arranged a baby shower!!!  Keri is a special friend that truly understands the heartaches of infertility, and it was she that recommended Dr. Johnson to us.  She always knew the right things to say to keep us strong.  Anyway, I have been keeping her posted on the pregnancy, we made lunch plans...and then Surprise!  About a dozen of my very first AZ friends greeted me at the table!  These women are so important to me, especially Dawn and Lisa who were my surrogate moms whenever I was feeling homesick.  I hadn't seen them in years, and it just meant so much to me that they would still gather for my baby shower.  No one has changed!  Lori still has long, curly, beautiful hair and Dawn is still sporting the rhinestone Rockies and rodeo buckles!  I did get a couple updates on some former students though, who are now juniors and sophomores in HS!  One sent a card saying that she still remembers my class and the corny spelling song I made up!  

Blessed, fortunate, grateful.  That's what we are.  XOXO

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