Thursday, February 12, 2009

Murphy and Lucy

Here are a few of our favorite pictures of our favorite four legged family members.  Murphy and Lucy have been with us for almost 9 years now.  We're curious about how they'll take to the new baby, but we feel pretty confident they'll welcome the baby home with lots of kisses.  So far, Lucy has already eaten a couple baby toys, so we already know she won't want to share.  Lucy tends to lose interest in our friends' babies and kids fairly fast, but Murphy on the other hand, can't get enough of babies!  They smell good, they always have snacks, and are so easy to lick!  I know Murphy suspects things are about to change.  She's been extra lovable and likes to check out my tummy...maybe it's because I've been dropping food on it left and right!  Our family is about to change, but the Murph and Goose will always be our babies, too!

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