Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 2014

Busy Busy Busy!
April was jam packed with fun field trips and a special visit from Gramma and Papa.  

Holy Angels Mother Son Bowling Event

with best buds Joseph and Matthew

Uconn Huskies-Men's and Women's 2014 Basketball Champs!

Jr. K Field Trip to the LA Zoo

Silly boys, Vinny and Ashton.

Two hot tomales, Hadley with Vinny, trying to stay cool.

Room Moms!

Good Boy, Boomer

Waiting for Gramma and Papa to arrive at LAX

 We got right to work decorating Easter Eggs.

Then the Bunny came...

Back from Mass

Vinny got bored, so he decided to hide his own eggs.

Took Gramma and Papa to the La Brea Tar Pits.  
Trying to pull up a bone through the sticky tar.  Not easy!

Poor prehistoric elephants got stuck in the tar.

You can see the oily tar floating there in the right hand corner of the pond.

Real digs happening at the Tar Pits.

Looking into the Fishbowl where the archeologists categorize all of the fossils.
Well, how convenient…we happened to be right down the street from the Famous Pink's Hot Dogs… Original!

Took Gramma and Papa to TKD

Warner Brother's VIP Tour

Striking a set for an upcoming movie…top secret.

Look what we found in the parking lot…not the visitor lot, of course.

Friends set

Can you believe this is where all the magic happens?
We were able to go inside to see the set of Two Broke Girls.

This is where they build all of the sets…those are walls that will eventually be moved to the set of some TV show.
 Traditional Last Supper at the Derby

Vinny's First Eye Exam
Well, he doesn't need glasses for now.  But he inherited Mommy's stigmatisms and so the Dr. suggests we evaluate again once he's got a few months of Kindergarten under his belt.  He was so brave, and not even bothered by the pressure test.  I hate that puff!

OK, well I think that is everything for April.  Hopefully, I'll get back into the swing of things and start updating these things more frequently so I can actually remember a better narrative to accompany the pictures.  (I'm currently 6 months behind and trying to catch up!)  On to May!

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