Monday, September 17, 2012

Whale Watching

This time of year, so we were told, blue whales can be spotted off the Pacific coast.  So off to Long Beach we headed for our first west coast whale watch. 

A few sights in the harbor on the way out to sea.  Here's the Queen Mary.

The shipping docks.

A seagull keeping up with us.

We are STILL talking about the oil platforms, like in Cars 2.  We can see them from the beach, but now we had a close up view.

And our FIRST BLUE WHALE SIGHTING!  We tell we were close when the captain and the crew started high fiving each other in the bridge.  In all, we saw 9 huge blue whales surface.  It was amazing.  they are so big, you don't actually see their tails, just the long arch of their backs.

They are called blue whales because of that bright blue glow you see (below) just under the surface of the water.  That was one of the signals we were told to look for when spotting them in the ocean.

And the spray of course!

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