Monday, September 17, 2012

Best Buddy Birthday Party

Jayden has been Vinny's best buddy at preschool, but now that Jayden is in Kindergarten (yes, Vinny measures as big as a kindergartener), Vinny is a bit lost at the preschool.  So we did not want to miss Jayden birthday party when we got the invitation.  This party did not disappoint.  Remember that party we threw for Vinny's 2nd Birthday?  Thought that was over the top?  Umm, nope, not so much.  Turns out, Jayden's mom is a wedding planner.  So it was big.  Really big.

So here he is with his best buddy, Jayden.  Vinny 3.  Jayden 5.  Oh boy.

Culture shock.  Welcome to California.  This was taken early on, by the end of the day you couldn't even see the porch.

So we had the train.  Jayden had race cars, his favorite.  In fact he want to be a race car driver when he grows up.  I should know, I interviewed him for preschool graduation  :)  Anyway, Vinny started out hesitant to ride, but after one trip around the block, we couldn't get him off!

Race cars, bounce house, and those umbrellas back there?  Hot dog and cotton candy vendors. Inside there were cupcakes with Jibits (for you fans of Crocs), water bottles with checker flag bands, details details details.  

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