Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

How did I forget to publish this???  Our trip back east this summer brought us to Connecticut AND Virginia.    Here's Vinny in his death grip take off position.  Seems I've passed my fear of flying on to him, no matter how hard I've tried not to show it.

Fun times with Cousin Blaise!
Cruising in the jeep...

Playing at the Science Center...

Riding the Carousel in Bushnell Park....

On the bench of course...

First trip to Bart's for a hot dog...

Mystic Aquarium

Hanging out with Babci, Dzadui, and Uncle Tommy

Driving down to Aunt Missy's in Virginia for Mommo's funeral service.

This just sort of sums it all up.  In our haste to get to the airport, we forgot Ant's briefcase.  So with a little backtracking and the help of Greg and Bill, we were on our way.  Oy.

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