Friday, July 6, 2012

Preschool Pictures

Vinny's First Official School Portrait
First Lutheran Preschool, Monrovia, CA
3 years old

Part of the beauty of being the director of the little preschool is that Vinny and I get to carpool to work everyday.  He's always referred to it as "Mommy and Vinny School" so we had our picture taken together, too!

Teachers:  Ms. Isis and Ms. Thelma
Best Buddies:  Matthew and Jayden
Favorite Songs:  the ABC's and Baby Bumblebee

Favorite Prayer:  Tick Tock (Tick tock, tick tock, now it's time to pray.  Tick tock, tick tock, as we softly say:  Thank you for our food today, Jesus.  Amen)

Favorite Activities:  projects that require glueing shapes down (he is very careful, methodical, and neat);  running, climbing, and digging out on the playground.

Best thing he learned this year:  Jesus died on the cross and went to heaven to be with Mommo.  A little backwards, but here's the story:  While walking into our church one Sunday, Vinny pointed to the cross and noted that Jesus died on the cross.  Later, while reading a story about Jesus' ascension into Heaven, Vinny stood up and announced "Just like Mommo."  And there you go.  He's 3 and he gets it.  

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